Dentist Edition

Posted: 29/10/2012 in Uncategorized
Once again it was a plesure, meeting afew more new kopites in our home at the San bistro, new comers included Jemi Mliverpool who as we interacted, we noticed he had a teething ailment, rumour has it that he is just an alter ego of a regular member who not only declined to be named but sent threats to the editor.


It seems that Jemi had decided to follow his own philosophy on maandazi; once bitten twice chai through this he had bitten more than he could chew, or it is rumoured that he was in a fight therefore fighting tooth and nail after getting himself prepared as he was armed to the tooth. other reports indicate that he was locked out and had to stay in the biting cold.
Image Jime or ‘the fork’ as he is known where he resides or ‘Uma’ in Swahili is now on his way to a dentist near you, if not, he is in a bar near you, we would like to send out a plea to anyone out there to assist Jime in order for him to stop his addiction of mtaro sleeping return him to the south of Nairobi. Thanx in advance.

Álcoolita Liverpoolian was nurturing talents in kaliaye and sititsu martial arts, recently she held a workshop at the KICC where she encouraged younger girls to try and practice sititsu or kaliaye in order for them to gain an advantage and for people not to pick on them. ‘the obvious and most important reason for a girl to get involved in the martial arts is the capacity for self-defense that she will develop.’ she said ‘In today’s increasingly violent world, crime can strike anywhere. Women are often times the target of sex crimes and, not knowing how to defend themselves, it can scar a young girl for her entire life.’ Having seen first hand the nurturing talents of Alcohol litre, we would like to encourage women to join her Dojo on the west of Nairobi.

It is rumoured that it is Alcohol who sponsored the training of CKWLiverpool who now heavily sits on Shutah Ole Muy using a forbidden ancient martial art The ‘tandikakabisamakorotsu’. More on this next time.

Yesterday in san Bistro, as the editor was leaving Kris Badd managed to sneak in and continue his mission of breaking tables and chairs much to the dismay of liverpool fans, rumour has it that he was from being ejected at another club at the city centre as well for his unbecoming behaviour. It has to be noted that Kris is a wanted man in other parts of the city where he is said to have crashed a police vehicle to a post, it is advisable to avoid his company at all costs. The editor tried to talk him down so that he could change his ways but it all seemed to be falling on deaf ears, only his small frame saved the glass door at the entrance after he tried to come in in style, with a kung fu kick.


‘Umeskia Messi amedai akiweza atakam kuchezea liverpool?’ Said an animated Xavier Lutta, this signified the return of the rumour king, with Suso seemingly quiting the rumour world and Oyugi having retired temporarily and beaming with confidence from his win against lutta on stakes involving dempsey, Lutta seemed to take it up a notch and lay down on his foundationsthat have so far made him the rumour king that he once was. It is rumoured that after the loss to oyugi, Lutta took a hiatus from rumouring and shortly involved himself in binge drinking with 2 Crate Frankie who was adamant that his nickname be given to Lutta to which Lutta politely declined.

For this paragraph i will use Swahili for ephasis purposes. Eltorros Bulletin ingependelea kumshutumu sana binti yetu mpendwa Sidi Elizabeth kwa kuleta magaidi wachochezi ambao ni maswara na ni makamasi(scum). Hao mashabiki wa Shetani wekundu walikuja kuleta dhiki na kushabikia timu tuichukiayo ya everton. Inasemekana urogi mkali uliwekwa pale langoni hata Suarez alipofunga kulikua na mmoja wao alikua ameinua nyungu kama ile ya Undertaker na ndipo aliposababisha bao hilo kukataliwa. anafaa ajue ni sisi mashabiki ndio tunaoumia na sio wachezaji, maana kila tulipokaribia lango yule linesman alinyoosha kibendera.

Godihno reached the game in the second half. Enough said.

without chaos nothing evolves
Eltorros bulletin
Dentist edition

  1. lizzieliz02 says:

    I like 🙂 and am glad you too my advise to share your humour with the world 😉

  2. Sam Wanjere says:

    Ati huyo ni Kris smashing furniture kama kawa? Sick boy and we love it!

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