Attention wh***

Posted: 21/07/2012 in Uncategorized


in light of recent developments; a public spat between K(98802-98755) and Almeida where Tables, chairs were thrown…. using keyboards and keypads an un-named official decided that he/she had seen enough and flung Almeida through the window refusing to recognize that it was just a healthy spurring match, Almeida; refusing to be cowed sprung back into the group via the chimney and unleashed a Miguna Migunaesque scathing attack, breathing fire and demanding to know who had pushed him off the group’s cliff, with wrath and vengeance of a woman scorned. Juelz Kop Diehard, a journalist with Eltorros Bulletin, who doesnt have the stomach for such drama and an appetite for telling it like it is albeit with some chilli pepper; unleashed her fury on a hapless Almeida calling him a person who takes pleasure in attention(not in those words). After this confrontation Almeida released the following statement ‘Ma God…. Really.. U think im naive to remove maself from this group then ask to be added back i aint that type of a person… Juelz. Plz next tym dont use ma name to seek public attention…. Please….. I aint that cheap……. I got ma moral principles which i dont cry foul like a baby like someone here… Give me a break pliz.’ This he said while holding his waist shaking his head. whispers in the LSCK(O) are that he is planning to sue the Diehard Kop diva. As usual the Godfather of peace Sam Wanjere had wise words to say which have had a reverbing sound towards the healing of the group ‘you lose nothing by walking away from a fight. You keep your dignity and name. You engage in pettyisms and silly playground fights, you reveal your own mental level. Let’s be the bigger men and women and just plain let it go. Besides, will it matter a short while from now? People are too wrapped up in their little worlds to give a rat’s arse about your “issues”.’ the Eltorros bulletin would like to also give a honorable mention to Hon John Irungu Jeyz for the role he played in this healing process. God bless y’all and god bless Sophia Musembi more than most of u, hehehe

  1. tivilicious says:

    juelz is a faya mama,fired up large mi tell u. Long live el torros bulletin (that means el torros too :p)

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