Rumour has it …. eltorros in the beginning

Posted: 11/07/2012 in Uncategorized

After having had an agreement with his fellow rumour mongers at Rumour n rumourer associates that he would sign a new contract making him the highest paid prospect, Kelvin Suarez Oyugi went behind the backs of senior associates Xavier Lutta and Suso Pelosi Kariuki and launched a scathing attack claiming he did not like their style of rumouring and that they did not match his rumour ambition, while Xavier Lutta play a waiting game, waiting to hear from other social sites like facebook and tweeter, Suarez likes having the rumour told to him by sources unknown without quoting where he got the rumour from, with this, he decided to join Ramzy Omari and Co. rumour associates which waits for other rumourers to give a rumour then tell it as if it is his own.


Suarez stated that his ambition was to form his own organization one dayand rumour himself to addiction,’i want to be my own man, rumourcaly speaking, im the most talented rumourer i know!!!’ said the confident monger. Suso pelosi and Xavier Lutta could not be reached for comment by the time we went to press, however the following statement was released by their publicist Kenjack Coates Waweru ‘we feel that Suarez is a glory hunter and that is why he left, we have a good track record of developing young Rumourers who have even gone on to work with organizations like daily mail, he may have gone for the money but i doubt that ramzy Omari and co. would bring him to the level he wants to be in, that said, we would like to wish him the best of luck’


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