Sacked and re-instated…. the conspiracy

Posted: 08/07/2012 in Uncategorized

Reports just reaching us indicate that Xavier Lutta has launched a scathing attack accusing Suso Pelosi Kariuki and Kelvin Suarez Oyugi of going behind his back bringing in new rumours without consulting with him. ‘It seems these greedy trolls want my job’ said a teary eyed Lutta, ‘these two have conspired to finish me because they want my job, they dont know the pressures that come with it’ he went on to vow that he will not be intimidated into bringing more rumours at the club because it was his God-given-talent. we at LSCK(O) would like to wish Lutta all the best in any capacity he may force upon himself in the future

later on in the day:

in quick developments just reaching, us Xavier Lutta has denied being sacked as the Liverpool fc director of rumours, reliable sources(the same sources where he gets his rumours) tell us that he had been fired but before it went public as an official announcement, he was restored to his former position after hundreds of millions of rumoured liverpool fans camped outside Anfield. In a show of support, Suso Pelosi Kariuki held a press conference and moved to deny that Lutta had been sacked and that they had any bad blood between them. ‘Were all happy with our roles,’ said a sneaky lookin Suso ‘we’ve always worked together to bring you the best rumours that our reliable sources bring to us, there is no power struggle between us’

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