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Happy new year 2016.

A round of applause everyone; To Kris Badd, he made me come out of my laziness induced retirement. not that he inspired me, just that, his writing skills are so poor I felt pity for y’all, if his was an attempt to get me writing again, it definitely worked. Kudos Kris, you are the man. Oh, and not forgetting Ezrer? Evra? Ezra? Ezrar? The negro with a divisive name that made him enemies left, right and center; he’s been called a goon, a mole, a spy, an infidel, an outsider, a goat, a sheep, a cow, a zebra, a donkey, a cat, a dog, a hen, any domestic animal you can think of really, but he’s persevered proving to be brutish and strong willed(he has a lot of character, lol). Anyway, Ez-something went back to my older articles(gaddamit they were horrible!! and this one should be as horrible as well….. Still, they take a load of dump on Badd INC) and had me laughing, so I said let me take another dip and try my hand again.

The bulletin’s editor moved to Mombasa, it’s been a great year here, but it would be wrong to not mention the time spent in Kisumu with people likeSande, Kamwenji, Steve, Jonte and whoever else we watched the matches with, both cities my only friends have been kopites thanks to the group, thanks to the family.

Recent rumours indicate that talks are at an advanced stage to have Shutah Ole Muy is reinstated in whatsapp after he unceremoniously quit and walked out after a few disagreements with Samburger Wanjere in regards to the leadership status of Ruminant-Fat inc. Principal owner Samburger has refused to speak to the press claiming that he has ‘a lot on his plate’, while the sought after former chair; Shutah has only been giving veiled subliminal messages aimed at their former henchman Mjei, who’s too drunk to get them.

Elsewhere in malindi, a delegation of Kopites led by Duncan, Mose Kagzand the ever cheerful Angie were hosted by the dangerous Lee Victor(and this next name says it all) Bauer ushered in the new year in a party marred with alcohol and illegal substances along Kenya’s coastline, it is rumoured that Fat Kago; as he is fondly known by his peers, drowned inside the Indian ocean as he was trying to show off set of skills to the women in attendance, Duncan ‘Gangsta’ Onsando sprung to action to rescue him before the waves also took their toll on him. Witnesses say that it took the efforts of one Angie Red to save both of the drug charged kopites while an on looking Bauer laughed his hat off. The streets of Malindi were painted while a few scuffles and fights were started by the enraged Duncan. At the end of the night Mose Kagz declared it a success. wild party.jpg

Elsewhere Marakwet superhero Lagat has opened an academy to teach people on how to bet on sport pesa and also take unnecessary screenshots of his 200kshs wins and anything that he decides to, “husifikirie hunaeza shindana na sisi” said a very confident multi personality disordered Lagat.
Congratulations are in order to one Álcoolita and Martin Mathu ‘Martho’ for the first Kopite child of the group.

Thanks again Kris & Ezr—-
Shoutout to Eskimo Kanye Thuo building igloos in the arctic, Karanja Kopite Josiah….. umbwa!! Kamwana John kumbe alitoka group??Ndonga na Humphrey, jifunzeni ball. Reuben King’ori for his world class nature tongue emoticon
Carol Kings nimekumiss. Hi Sophia!!
Huyu نور إبراهيم hujiskia sana.
Eltorros Bulletin



Fun Times

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Once more, once again. The bulletin is back, we are sorry to have kept you waiting for as long as you have. We have been battling copyright issues with two copy cat publications that have since been defunct unlike The Eltorros bulletin that has withstood the test of time. The kshs.10 leaflets which were banned by the industrious government led by Sam Wanjere and Sidi Elizabeth has born fruit and those eyesores that members used to get are now a thing of the past, Sewer veteransKamwana and Kris have gone back to their daily routines although there is no guarantee that after this we will have heard the last of them.


Activities have been happening all over the place, fortunately or unfortunately with the same faces showing up, it can be a good thing but it can also mean that the more the same faces show up during games and activities, the more secluded new members become because there are those of us who talk on a daily basis, but we must also remember that some of us were once new to the group and hence knew no one, the thing is, we want to make this family as big as possible and you, you and you are welcome.

Speaking of activities, Kopites went to sagana to visit the orphans that they have been educating facilitated by the gigantic hearted John Irungu, a splendid occasion this was with food galore enough to fid 16 elephants and 3 Sam wanjeres, kopites ate to their fill, even the usually calm kopite fundi Sidi unbuttoned the bottom of her custom made liverpool blouse, Shutah Ole Muy the ruminant fainted after eating six plates of assorted goodies leaving Sam wanjere and the coach Jecque Mandingo grappling for the sufuria to the shock and dismay of the host the lovely madam. Once the food was finished, the kopites headed to a bar to watch Manchester united have their asses handed to them by West Bromwich Albion(pronounced Aljabion for some reason by commentators, this actually bothers me to no end). Here, Shutah woke up and declared himself hungry, proceeding to order three bowls of Gizzard soup before downing them in a few seconds at a separate table while his other half;Carol Kings eyeballed him in embarrassed fashion. When all this was over the jolly John Irungu gave a suggestion that there was a beauty pageant a few kilometers away – this is when the night officially began, at around 11pm.

The Kopites Arrived at the unknown luxurious venue that was packed near an area known as makutano and from here on out the show belonged to Liverpool Supporters Club Kenya. The kopites even invaded the catwalk runway as models were lining up while, an energetic Jim Guteta proceeded to escort all the models while Peter Njoroge became the chief photographer, Karanja Kopite pulled a few of the models off stage while Jecque Mandingo became a judge at the podium, if the music was deemed unsatisfactory to the kopites, the DJ had to change the music or risk the wrath of the kopites as Álcoolita and Carol Kings became contestants having photo sessions while being cheered on by the animated crowd

jeqcue 1174655_10151753906874480_1745517744_n 1381282_10151753907749480_336158759_n 1381441_10151753907199480_46812902_n



the silently dormant members as Sam wanjere ran rampant all over the stage knocking off hooligans from the kirinyaga area off stage while Sidi kept insisting that she would love to have a swimsuit contest so that she could win it hands down, all this happened as the Manc Patrick and yours trully looked on in shock. When the event ended we were led to Thika to be hosted by Karanja at our beloved porkies pub where we ate 4-5 kilo’s of meat, a visibly shaken Manc Patrick was still in shock, he refused to eat the meat, but Sam was here to gulp it all down. I arrived home safely at 4am thanks to Jim Guteta.

Kitengela, the fastest growing urban centre in Kenya with its only rival being Ken Kägz and Kris Badd’s Mtwapa in Mombasa area, anyway we are not going to talk about demographics sijui geography and blah blah blah, i didn’t do that shit in high school. The Kopites arrived in kitengela to find our good friends Jim Guteta, Frankie LucasKefa Mutinda and others waiting to host us. Jim Guteta’s lovely wife had prepared a feast for the greedy kopites who this time included Sam’s rivals Reuben King’oriMose KagzPetero Kwisha ,Ekhafu K Fourty Seven and the person who epitomizes small frame big appetite philosophies; Muharram Sayyed Kop Master – The master part is a tittle given to ‘watu wa kupiga mpunga’ in mombasa. Before food was served, Mr. Guteta handed the Kopites a delicious looking cake cut in small pieces to which our friend Kefaproceeded to ‘kula ni kama mtu ana njaa ya mwezi’, other unsuspecting kopites took pieces, stories flowed and chelsea was beaten by Newcastle setting up for a perfect finale; if Liverpool won the game they would go to the top of the table – then it happend; “Kefa amechizi wasee, mpelekeni Hosi”, a bloodshot eyed Petero informed the kopites “aaaaaaiii, nipelekeni hosi, niko na card ya NHIF bana”, proclaimed a ‘shaking like leaf during fall’ Kefa, Jim Guteta handled the situation and prescribed milk and sleep for him as this was happening K fourty seven was churning out hits from his Mixtape ‘Cattle dip safi’ bellowing tunes to secluded visitors and neighbours, Alcoolita and Carol Kings together with a friend i had brought over; Ziga were playing Katii as Tush climbed atop the roofs like a monkey, Petero and Reuben were laughing their lungs out as Mose Kagz ate samosa after samosa leaving scraps to Peter Njoroge while Karanja Kopite walked around without a shirt trying to impress the girls with his muscles(cough) occasionally coming back once in a while to check if the meat was ready, all this before the Arsenal game had started, by the time the Arsenal game had started, we saw the match but we did not watch it. We would like to thank Mr. Guteta for hosting us and the awesome memories we walked away with on that blessed day.

Thika town, by now Kopites cautious in whatever they did thanks to their previous out of towncapades visited Thika for Karanja Kopites big day, this time misbehaviour was kept to a minimum until it reached times for clubbing, this time it was not the kopites who misbehaved but the Thika girls who were all over the place each one after the other trying to impress the Thika veteran Yoseh who ignored them like flies on a cow. All in all everything went well and we are looking forward to having more trips, one never gets bored and if you do we ndio unabore.

Congratulations Mr. Karanja Kopite

I do not mention Schmucks.
Peace out
Mjei umepotea unahata mob.

El-Torros Bulletin
Fun times Edition

LSCK brings cheer to Wagocho’s, Sagana.

Critics Edition

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‘There’s only one Jamie Carragher’ this was what rang out from the kop-end around the 75th minute as Liverpool fc dug the heels and got stuck in before grinding out a win against juggernaut in Tottenham hotspur; This got me thinking, there has never been a time that our Jamie has been linked with a move out of the Kop, he is Liverpool through and through, no imitations, certainly not Dawson….. my point is there is only one Eltorros bulletin, Kris Badd may have wrote somethin long and to some extent tissue-paperable in an attempt to emulate the world class bulletin but fell flat on his face. The world renowned drug addict recently took a swipe at the Bulletin’s editor by trying to compare him to another LSCK drunkard that we shall mention later on; claiming that editor of the bulletin/LSCK team coach recently led a session while drunk, this was a rumour started by a few disgruntled, jealous and indisciplined players like Jakalkali coupled onlookers with a telescope like Ezrer Evra Coaches and the new father Moses ‘Mest’ Kimotho who have been putting up bids to unsettle this group of players who have been assembled without a budget. The Bulletin’s editor volunteered his services at no fee in order to lend his tactical acumen to technicaly poor players like the above named jack and also to teach them his attacking philosophy.
THEY ARE BACK!!! More members, sharper claws and a bigger network than what we had thought. who? LSCKWA, our very own Wolfpack!! This time we have people like Akasha Starrdust Madawa, Kefa Mutinda, K Fourty Seven and Ken ‘dashing’ Kagz being the most aggresive although it is rumoured that the want to rebrand by renaming themselves the Livhyena club though there are members opposed to that name since it is an independent entity from #teammafisi on twitter. Their recent activity was fueled with the introduction of a new kopite diva Mj Joan where the following words were hurled between them ‘Eiiiiish Joan… Mtoto wa watu si amenawiri serious.’ this came from an excited Akasha. ‘Welcome mj nyc name.’ said an expectant Kefa while ‘kama uko na dame,jitoe kwa hii updt…ma bachelor tubaki’ snarled a ‘Bullish’ K47 while the Dashing man Kagz had this to say ‘Nye nye nye hata hamna adabu.Nani amewapa kazi ya kukaribisha madem hapa,midomo ifungwe.MJ my name is KEN and am dashing….welcome.YNWA’. Rumour has it that the wolves have held talks with yellow pages kenya in order to search for ‘liver-birds’. only time will tell how far the wolves are willing to go.

Recently a dinosaur by the name of tushasaurus muyanodactaur was discovered in the outskirts of Nairobi right next to the Thika road super highway in a fossilized vehicle it used to travel in scientificaly named the Legasubarublackin this has gone on to prove that indeed it is not humans but a dinosaur that invented the wheel ; a herbivorous animal in nature known to survive on a plant found in pre-historic times known as the miraatropelin that is now extinct though it belonged to the same family of what nocturnal creatures have made into their own delicacy now known as khat, or miraa. The Tushasaurus is was well known for traveling great distances in order to satisfy its miraatropelin cravings but mostly to the west of the land at a park named lunar. More to come from this wonder of nature as scientists make more discoveries.

Matters fantasy; Real Da Iceberg has kept pulling away from the chasing pack as he tightened his grip on the seat while early pace setter Jim Guteta Kahuna has fallen away at an astonishing rate although rumour has it that his players are fed up of his tactics and quite a few have opted out of the team choosing not to perform while the team’s fans are calling for his head. When asked about his poor performance kahuna lashed out by saying ‘Oh, bado hio kitu huexist?’ trying to sound cocky ‘wacha nifungue saa hii nicheki’. we wish him all the best. Elsewhere Kelvin suarez Oyugi has cemented the number 30 position and made it his own, ‘mimi nimeshinda watu 18, hakuna kitu munaeza niambia’ watu kama Moha ni wanoma kuniliko lakini siogopi mtu’ said confident Kelvin.

Tomorrow we head to kitengela bitchezzzzzzzzzzz
i leave u with a quote from a very famous philosopher.
“kumeumana” – David Mgay

sayanora y’all
Jumaa Karim

Eltorros bulletin
Critics edition

Anonymous Edition

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‘Aire rasta sellasie i, Jah fire burn inadi place san bistro passie!!’ proclaimed one Liverpool Rastafarian female fan, this was way back after the young Reds had fought to a 1-all draw against an expensively assembled Chelsea team, the visibly stoned kopite diva also had one piece of advice to the lady of the day; Sidi whom the Eltorros Bulletin would once again like to wish a happy birthday, the stoned kopite wanted Sidi to be advised ‘man like Eltorros, when u write your bulletin, tell Sidi not to blow candles, she should blow weed to be most high lookin pon be claaat like me, popopopopopopo’

Reports that Lions in Kitengela are now an endangered species are doing the rounds among the media after it emerged that one blood drinking Ero keeps killing them so that he can use their blood to dilute his changaa, it is also alleged that before killing the lions he ties them up and beats them into submission so that he can literally drink ‘machozi ya simba’, we have reasons to believe that this ero, is also known to many by his secret identity as 2crate, the Ero appeared at San Bistro in traditional Maasai attire with a ‘Njora’ and a jerry can containing a thick red liquid(your guess is as good as ours concerning this) and he was almost turned away at the entrance only for one terrified watchman who may have heard about his huntcapades to whisper something into the ears of the watchman who was blocking his way in. “letea mimi tasika, alafu changanya na hii…” he said to a shellshocked Agatha.

The greediest man in buru buru contest was recently held and your guess is as good as mine who won this contest, afew contestants may have tried to compete but the day belonged to a man who has been tested and has withstood the test(taste) of delicious cholesterol enriched foods. His Button ripped shirts and increasing size are a statement that he will not relent. Greedy1The Eltorros bulletin would like to congratulate this greedy man because we believe that the reds are winners in whatever field we choose to participate in. The greedy man is also a part time blogger with his own daily(this I know since my email inbox is full of alerts informing me that his daily is out.
One very prominent member has notably gone missing from the group, the member, a short ruminant with a knack of farting himself in and out of trouble has reportedly farted himself away from the group. Reports suggest that he is away on a trip in Nyeri to pay homage to the Rastafarian weed smoker mentioned in the first paragraph…… or so we are led to believe. In the underground illegal market, word has it that ruminants enjoy eating hay from a specific zone in Nyeri and that it comes with a high that will see you orgasm for a few minutes, any observer with an ultra violet light will notice that these ruminants’ pants are usually stained with whitish elements on their pelvic and groin area. It is due to his underground dealings that the ruminant has kept away from facebook because he is being pursued by the long arm of the law although when he hears of this article, the ruminant will definitely be on the move; meanwhile we are sure he will be using his short arm in some under trouser dealings.
Nairobi dentists are now turning away a man with a big mouth making bitch moves, unable to mind his own business and fighting a losing battle with alcoholism. The kibogoyo troll who resides in a cave and only comes out at night pretending that he suffers from insomnia yet it is well known that he is infact a different kind of species; that is actually nocturnal and shuffles between the coast province and Nairobi province riding on whoever has space on his dick. It is alleged by dentists that the toothless dick rider only goes to sessions looking for laughing gas which is said to go well with Thimbigwa special brews, but concerned kopites like the Editor of the Eltorros bulletin would like to see him make changes in his life…. Starting with reduction of his breast size and re-installing of his manhood which is believed to have been given up…. For a beer.

A well known bull fighter promoter is now in Bungoma organizing for the mother of all bull fights, the rapper whom we recently did a feature on about his inspirations and aspirations recently told the world how he had put his education on hold, opened a studio and reared a few bulls for fighting and now he is well on course to finish his education. The veterinary major student who recently released a track titled winner in dedication to his bull defeating the most feared bull in western province and to do with it he also released limited edition t-shirts from his ‘zizi moja’ clothing line, hurry while stocks last.

Lastly the editor of the Eltorros bulletin would like to wish all members of LSCK and readers of this article wherever you are, a merry Christmas and a prosperous year. To those nimekosana nao this year whether personally or just hivi hivi ama wale hujam na kile mi huandika kwa group…… Ketia kidole!!

keep calm
Omondi ongoja buana, ukitembea haraka sana mimi tapoea buana’ said an ecstatic but negative minded kopite who showed up at san bistro wearing a green Jersey. tutembee lakini because tukipanda matatu mimi siwesi jua mali niko alafu mimi taenda nyumbani aje’. Dicky wasnt happy with this arrangement, he agreed but while gritting his teeth, ‘Ndio ile Muthurwa, sasa ata ukawacha mimi hapa, mimi iko sawa, lakini tuiende sani bisri’

Big Sam had just finished chomping down a burger that he had hoped the toothless Mjei would decline since he, ‘u know what i always say?’ asked a happy, full-mouthed sam, ‘the way to happiness is food, so laugh and grow fat…. after eating!!’ before he flung his head back and laughed away a reverbing hearty laughter. ‘we have to stop Eltorros before they exposes us,’ ‘but how? he seems to have an informant among us,’ said shutah Ole Muy,’and i suspect it might be you mjei!! ‘me??!!’ Mjei said,’i would never betray u guys, i swear it upon my broken tooth’ he cried ‘and why would u accuse me of betraying y’all?? i heard that u even accompany the editor to Ingwe matches, brrr(as shutah is known in his circle of friends)’. It took the intervention of father abraSam the greedy to avoid an altercation between smiley and greeny. The conglomerate of sinners, as they are now known(proposed by Mwangi who they haven’t met in the past few weeks since shit hit the fan when they burned down the bulletin’s offices. They resolved to carry out investigations by seeking who the mole between them is, the offender will be killed.

Bodaboda rider Lyatuu Cornel Andrew admitted that he may be in nairobi soon to see the family, he admitted that he would come accompanied with bananas and Enguli, or waragi whichever he see’s fit. The Butunda(muratina) drinker was recently absent on a noticable level, only returning with a poetical post involving how he wants to see the ladies who should welcome him on his arrival. the Chauvinistic crown prince of Toro also ordered the ladies in question; who declined to be mentioned, to wear informal and inappropriate dressing, it should be remembered that Lyatuu, a radical member of the wolfpack LWSCK(liverpool wolves supporters club Kenya) is a specialist in Mubobobo <—— this you can google and find out what it is.
It was Bull fighting season and a proud K Fourty Seven was once again touted as the succesor of Bonny khalwale as the promoter of bull fighting, even going as far as promoting afew bull fights and promptly naming his favourite bull after himself(his bull was promptly beaten half to death but that is another day’s story…….) ‘i have been in this game for years, which is why i am strong and through this i developed my rapping skills through the inspiration from these beasts locking horns, the first song i did years back ‘horny’ was in tribute to these beasts that i love so much, if the name ‘Eltorros’ hadnt been taken, that would certainly be my alias.’ said a beaming K. Kfourtyseven is ofcourse the hitmaker of the singles ‘Ngombe’ ,Burdizzo and smash hit ‘ndume’ which features vocals from song bird Nyota ndogo. He plans on releasing his album ‘fahali wawili’ later on in the year as well as his clothing line ‘zizi moja’ all the best from the eltorros bulletin.

Elsewhere Ynwa Wambui-Jay’s bid to take over rumour and rumourer associates was rebuffed after he had tried to do some insider trading by being involved with Kelvin Suarez Oyugi‘s Rumour za uwongo company LTD. Rumour and rumourer principle owner Xavier Lutta together with Chairman Suso Pelosi were left fuming after it was revealed that Wambui had attempted to cause a fall in their stock by claiming that Lutta and Suso would only be involved in telling the truth. The seasoned liars released a statement branding wambui a pauper who had no experience at all in the world of rumours, they also scoffed at the fact that Oyugi was said to be making a bid to come back into the rumour game claiming that he was washed out and his only moment was when dempsey did not sign for liverpool, they also threatened to give insider dealings on Oyugi’s personal life, who is rumoured to have a loose bladder when he catches fourty winks.

Elsewhere, Hussein Issack Fabisch Twahir Muhiddin has admitted to not know where he lies, he is a self confessed follower groupie of twahir muhiddin and reinhard fabisch. it is a well known fact that these two had contrasting success
with the national team harambee stars. he also claims to be the chairman of the Kenyan Electoral body IEBC, we are now very perplexed awaiting clarification from him.

our last paragraph is dedicated to those who think they can coach a team, those who think they are in melwood yet they only own a phone that has internet and each time the reds fail to achieve a result, they go uttering nonsense in the group like the stupid children they are. i was silent this week about your stupidity because it seem that you are now almost outnumbering the sensible members. all i can say is that this week my zipper was stuck and someone else needed to put something in your mouths.
Can u digg it sukkkka
Eltorros bulletin


Dentist Edition

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Once again it was a plesure, meeting afew more new kopites in our home at the San bistro, new comers included Jemi Mliverpool who as we interacted, we noticed he had a teething ailment, rumour has it that he is just an alter ego of a regular member who not only declined to be named but sent threats to the editor.


It seems that Jemi had decided to follow his own philosophy on maandazi; once bitten twice chai through this he had bitten more than he could chew, or it is rumoured that he was in a fight therefore fighting tooth and nail after getting himself prepared as he was armed to the tooth. other reports indicate that he was locked out and had to stay in the biting cold.
Image Jime or ‘the fork’ as he is known where he resides or ‘Uma’ in Swahili is now on his way to a dentist near you, if not, he is in a bar near you, we would like to send out a plea to anyone out there to assist Jime in order for him to stop his addiction of mtaro sleeping return him to the south of Nairobi. Thanx in advance.

Álcoolita Liverpoolian was nurturing talents in kaliaye and sititsu martial arts, recently she held a workshop at the KICC where she encouraged younger girls to try and practice sititsu or kaliaye in order for them to gain an advantage and for people not to pick on them. ‘the obvious and most important reason for a girl to get involved in the martial arts is the capacity for self-defense that she will develop.’ she said ‘In today’s increasingly violent world, crime can strike anywhere. Women are often times the target of sex crimes and, not knowing how to defend themselves, it can scar a young girl for her entire life.’ Having seen first hand the nurturing talents of Alcohol litre, we would like to encourage women to join her Dojo on the west of Nairobi.

It is rumoured that it is Alcohol who sponsored the training of CKWLiverpool who now heavily sits on Shutah Ole Muy using a forbidden ancient martial art The ‘tandikakabisamakorotsu’. More on this next time.

Yesterday in san Bistro, as the editor was leaving Kris Badd managed to sneak in and continue his mission of breaking tables and chairs much to the dismay of liverpool fans, rumour has it that he was from being ejected at another club at the city centre as well for his unbecoming behaviour. It has to be noted that Kris is a wanted man in other parts of the city where he is said to have crashed a police vehicle to a post, it is advisable to avoid his company at all costs. The editor tried to talk him down so that he could change his ways but it all seemed to be falling on deaf ears, only his small frame saved the glass door at the entrance after he tried to come in in style, with a kung fu kick.


‘Umeskia Messi amedai akiweza atakam kuchezea liverpool?’ Said an animated Xavier Lutta, this signified the return of the rumour king, with Suso seemingly quiting the rumour world and Oyugi having retired temporarily and beaming with confidence from his win against lutta on stakes involving dempsey, Lutta seemed to take it up a notch and lay down on his foundationsthat have so far made him the rumour king that he once was. It is rumoured that after the loss to oyugi, Lutta took a hiatus from rumouring and shortly involved himself in binge drinking with 2 Crate Frankie who was adamant that his nickname be given to Lutta to which Lutta politely declined.

For this paragraph i will use Swahili for ephasis purposes. Eltorros Bulletin ingependelea kumshutumu sana binti yetu mpendwa Sidi Elizabeth kwa kuleta magaidi wachochezi ambao ni maswara na ni makamasi(scum). Hao mashabiki wa Shetani wekundu walikuja kuleta dhiki na kushabikia timu tuichukiayo ya everton. Inasemekana urogi mkali uliwekwa pale langoni hata Suarez alipofunga kulikua na mmoja wao alikua ameinua nyungu kama ile ya Undertaker na ndipo aliposababisha bao hilo kukataliwa. anafaa ajue ni sisi mashabiki ndio tunaoumia na sio wachezaji, maana kila tulipokaribia lango yule linesman alinyoosha kibendera.

Godihno reached the game in the second half. Enough said.

without chaos nothing evolves
Eltorros bulletin
Dentist edition